My Current Background Summary

Background Summary:
District Newcomer Teacher Facilitator (HEB ISD)

Arabic Curriculum Designer (2011-2014).
  • Created the Arabic program in the Public Charter Schools in the State of Michigan (GEE).
  • Designed curriculum map for all levels k-12.
  • Developed units and lesson plans Standard base for Middle School Intermediate & High   
           School Novice.
  • Incorporated culture to teach Arabic Language.
  • Integrated technologies into the curriculum, to prepare students to live, learn, and work successfully in today’s knowledge- based digital society.
  • Plan, evaluate, and assign lessons; prepare, administer, and grade tests; listen to oral
  • Presentations; and maintain classroom discipline.
  •   Providing materials and tasks at varied levels of difficulty with varying degrees of
     scaffolding, through multiple instructional groups and individual work. 
  • Utilize “props” and “manipulative” to help students understand abstract concepts.
  • Create student portfolios collections of student work representing a selection of products that represent specific student performance.
  • Designed differentiated instruction and assessments as a built in component in the Program.
  •   Evaluated program and suggested improvement for further programs.
  • Integrating Instructional technology, to enhance 21st Century student’s center learning   and
           empower critical thinking proficiency for a life-long learning journey.

Al-Heyday Academy, Fort Worth, TX   1998 – August of 2011      

 Full-time Teacher:  ESL (KG-6th). Arabic (KG-9th), and Islamic Studies (PreK-5th)