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         Throughout my efforts to improve my skills as a teacher in the 21st Century, I gathered some of websites for Language Learning, that I like to share with the educator.

1.  How to integrate technology?

2.       Remind 101 safe text massage for teachers to contact students and parents

3.       Create a Scavenger Hunt Clue Game with Riddle Me Online

4.       Creating Quizlet Virtual Flashcards 2014 Tutorial

5.       How to Create a Quality Webinar with Free Resources

6.       How to Create a Podcast For Dummies

7.       Mobile scavenger hunt

8.       How to create a video

9.       Education on webgraphic

10.   How to Insert a Sound into a PowerPoint Presentation For Dummies 

11.   Blogs and Discussion Board for Teachings

12.   Getting started with blogs in Education

13.   Resources for teaching Arabic

14.   Interested blogs from or about Arabic countries

15.   Lesson Plan developed by Nada Shaath

16.   QFI Teacher fellow blog

17.   Very beneficial teachers’ blog

18.   Guide for educators-

19.   Edutopia -

20.   MN Learning Loop

21.   Spectrum for Learning

22.   Teach with technology-

23.   Create a free wiki classroom-

24.   K-2 Library social media-

25.   website for teachers (Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic Tools)

26.   Website for teachers ( build your own games and more).

27.   Tools for teachers

28.   Powerful printables for teachers

30.   ESL/World Languages Materials

Professional reading/viewing
Your toolkit (Use one of these tools for your story)
A list of Tools can be found here
Here are some others you might like!

Flash based tools

Other tools:

When working with with digital images and audio you need to be aware of copyright.
Take advantage of Creative Commons

Royalty free audio
Royalty free images and 'Creative Commons' licensed images
Try these great, interactive Web 2.0 tools to expand learning in the classroom for both you and your students!

Draw Island - online drawing tool

 is a free web service that allows you to instantly and easily create and share content online. No login, no fees. Just go to the Tackk home page

"the end of slideshows;" create videos from still images
free photo editing tools
Create A Graph - great for even young students to easily create and change graphs
An excellent site for finding educational resources, creating online quizzes, and bookmarking sites for students.  Teachers create student accounts for access.
create and collaborate on online diagrams and designs
easily share and review documents online, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint
BeeClip -
A wonderful site for creating digital scrapbooks; teachers create student accounts.
Gliffy -
draw and share diagrams on the web
make your own cartoons and animations
create pictures, cards, book, and even movies; for elementary students
a search engine for everything about numbers
Penzu -
the anti-blog; keep your thoughts private in this online journal
Nice site for social bookmarking and annotating sites; teachers create or imports student accounts.
lets you draw, scribble, and annotate over Google maps
One of the most popular web 2.0 sites for interactive digital storytelling; teachers create student accounts.
Stixy -
flexible online creation and collaboration
Nice site for creating online comics for digital storytelling; teachers create student accounts.
A neat site where students learn through educational hip-hop videos.  Teachers create one unique username and password for the class.
Voki -
create your own avatar; even record your voice
A nice site for teachers for creating online quizzes and lessons where they create an activation code for logging in.
audio tool that lets users record their voice for others to listen and respond to
a virtual bulletin board where users can attach sticky notes and discussion points
users can "clip" any part of a web page and rearrange clips onto a custom page that can be shared with other people, eliminating ads or questionable material
text visualization tool
Xtranormal - text-to-speech avatar movie making
Gliffy - Collaborative Drawing Tool

how to teach online classes
Example of using WebQuest and Wiki you can create gameboards, flash cards and more stuff in any languages and any topics. ( English/ Span) on line books with easy activities. great dictionary with threads written by people from different countries.
 PBworks: Wikis are part of the Web 2.0 application that allow people to collaborate and publish online and making it all very easy!
Blue wiki( sandbox)-
Yellow wiki- is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm on line. You can create colorful mind map as an image. is an online place where many people share images and photos they've taken. is a free tool you can use for simple editing online( crop, resize, straighten, take the red eye out, adjust the color, etc. ). is a free, easy to use interface where students can comment on online materials by voice, text, or doodles! You can do whole class in one voice thread.
 Voki, Create an avatar and that speaks with your voice! is a free, easy to use interface for creating a talking avatars( animated characters). They are created completely online and can be embedded into a webpage or wiki, or emailed.
Ex: أيام الأسبوع- days of the week. فصول السنة- The Four Seasons.

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