Over the past years, I have put together a rather unique sequence of career experience and education that demonstrated my personal ability of achieving a remarkable improving in teaching ESL, Arabic Language, and Instructional Technology.


Wayne State University
 M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, class of 2015

Wayne State University (MA in Bilingual Bicultural Education, Teacher Education.)  
15 Credit hours/ 2011-2012

George Washington University Graduate Summer Course 2012

Concordia College (MN) Graduate Summer Course 2011

California University (FCA)2005   B.A., Islamic and Arabic Studies, through American-open University, accumulative scores 91.54 with GPA 3.7

El Centro Community College, Phlebotomy Diploma 2007

Beirut University certification Arabic Language 1990

Al-Aqsa Institute (Kuwait) Marketing and Advertising 1989    

Al-Salemiyah High School for girls (Kuwait) 1988                                                                            

Texas Educator Certified in:

Languages other than English (Arabic- EC to 12)
English as a Second Language Supplemental (EC-12)
I am a member of the National Capital Language Resource
                               American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
                               Arabic SIG   
*  Putting the Arabic Standards Front and Center: Building Leadership in the Arabic Teacher Community Summer workshop in Occidental College,  CA  2012
     Second Language Instruction ( online + Face to Face Section for teachers of Arabic) George   
   Washington University 2012
*      Regular meetings with Dr. Mahmoud el-Batal and Dr. Raji Rammoni to discuss the new Arabic Curriculum we are   developing.
*      Assessment for Novice High in Detroit, MI 2012
*      Startalk Convention in Chicago 2011
*      12th Annual ISNA Education Forum 2011
*      Pathway to An Articulated K- 12 Arabic Language Program
*      Digital Storytelling Tools for the Arabic Classroom.2011
*      Texas Mathematics and Science Diagnostic System(TMSDS)
*      TRC- Integrating Mathematics and Science in (3-5)
         Classrooms. 2011
*      Thinking Map level adv. 2011
*      Life Quest  CPR 2011
*      First Days of School (Harry Wong) 2011
*      Classroom Management for Pre-K, K and PPCD Setting
*      Minimum Standards and Guidelines For Day Care Center
*      ASCD Member 2010
*      Writing & Implementing Arabic Curriculum (NCLRC)
*     National Capital Resource Center” Arabic Teacher
       Teaching assistantship and a trainer June 29- July 10, 2009
*      Arabic K-12 Hands On (NCLRC) 2009
*      The Arlington Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals,
       Connecting with Children 2009
*      Arabic K-12 Hands On Session( NCLRC) 2008
*      Schoolwires Section Editor Training 2008.
*      Cooperative Learning Secondary- Novice Level 2008
*      Intervention Strategies for General and Special Education
        Teachers, Grades 3-5 2008.
*      Effective Instruction for Elementary Struggling Readers
*      Creating Clay Animation Projects For The Classroom 2007
*      Effective Instruction For Elementary Struggling Writers
*      Rigor and Relevance For School Improvement 2006
*      How Boys and Girls Learn Differently 2006
*      Integrating United Streaming- Contracted workshop for
*          Al-Hedayah Academy 2005
           Language and Literacy Learning 2004
*           Lesson Planning Using Engaging Strategies to Plan
*           First Grade Teacher Reading Academy through Education        

           Service Center Region XI  2003
*           Implementing the Pre-K Guidelines for Mathematics,   
           Science, and Social Studies 2003
*           New ESL Teacher Academy 2001        


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